Blueair HealthProtect 7410i Air Purifier Review – A Quiet Operator

Blueair HealthProtect 7410i Air Purifier Review - A Quiet Operator

That is not an extra robot of a star Wars movie. It’s another smart air purifier, Blueair’s HealthProtect 7410i.

The HealthProtect 7410i is a sizeable unit, standing over two feet tall and weighing almost 28 pounds. Its upright design makes it a bit awkward to move around, but two wheels on the back of the unit allow you to drag it around like a vacuum cleaner, although this is a bit awkward.

Smart features aside, one of the unit’s biggest selling points is its vented design. While the typical high-end air purifier draws in dirty air from the bottom and expels filtered air from the top, HealthProtect draws in air from the sides of the device, passes it through a pair of unique shaped filters. of V and then expels him. through plugs placed around the device.

Blue air

Blueair’s V-shaped filter pair has a built-in RFID chip that tracks usage and sends a message to the app when it’s time to replace it.

SpiralAir’s so-called design aims to disperse air more completely in a room, and while I can’t accurately measure whether clean air actually reaches the corners of the room better than the competition, it makes for a different experience than a Units such as Mila or OxyPure, which shoot air upwards in a jet.

The company says the purifier can completely clean a 418-square-foot room in 12 minutes, capturing smoke particles with a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 270 cubic feet per minute (cfm), dust with a CADR of 275 cfm and pollen. with a CADR of 280 cfm. It also promises to capture volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria and viruses, although its effectiveness in removing coronavirus from the air has not been proven.

The HealthProtect 7410i’s single filter, which has a shelf life of six months to a year, costs about $ 70 to replace. An RFID chip built into the filter monitors its remaining life and reports that information to the application. Subscriptions are available for discounted prices on replacement filters. You can also buy replacement filters from Blueair on Amazon.

blueair healthprotect 7410i ui top Blue air

The built-in controls on the Blueair HealthProtect 7410i are basic and less than intuitive. You will see that the machine is much easier to operate using the application on your smartphone.

HealthProtect’s built-in controls are minimalist and not instantly intuitive, though the manual guides you through the ins and outs of fan speed settings (three are available), automatic mode, and the “GermShield” feature, which is activated when A “germ prone” environment “is detected. A sizable LED bar offers an easy look at air quality, measuring levels of particulate and gas pollutants separately with one of five colors ranging from blue (excellent) to red (heavily polluted).

blueair app 4 Christopher Null / IDG

The Blueair app tracks the level of particles floating in the room air, as well as the level of volatile organic compounds present.

You’ll get much more information from the Blueair app, which tracks pollutants separately: PM1 (particles that measure 1 micron), PM2.5, PM10, and VOC levels, plus temperature and humidity. Manual controls are easily accessible here, including a night mode that turns off the LEDs and silences the unit, along with a basic programming system.

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