Pricing by model and other details revealed – Technology News, Techno Feed

Pricing by model and other details revealed - Technology News, Firstpost

A few days ago, Tata Motors announced the introduction of a new after-sales service at its dealerships across India: Inner Ceramic Siding. Recognizing the opportunity presented by the new Tata Safari, which is the company’s most expensive passenger vehicle to date, Tata Motors jumped into the vehicle detail space. Buyers at the higher end of the price spectrum often opt for specialized detail work, including ceramic cladding, to maintain their vehicles as if they were pulled from a showroom.

Tata Motors has divided the ceramic coating charges based on body style. Image: Tata Motors

But how much does it cost to get a ceramic siding from Tata Motors and what is part of the package? That is what we will answer with this piece.

Tata Motors Ceramic Coating Charges

As such, Tata Motors has divided charges for the ceramic coating into three segments defined by body style. For hatchbacks, Tata Motors charges Rs 22,600; for sedans it charges 24,900 rupees and lastly utility vehicles get this service for 28,500 rupees (including GST). So the ceramic coating for Tata Tiago and Tata Altroz ​​costs Rs 22,600; for the Tata Tigor, you pay 24,900 rupees and for the Tata Nexon, Tata Harrier or Tata Safari, you pay 28,500 rupees.

Tata Motors Ceramic Coating Internal Charges
Model Price
Tiago 22,600 rupees
Altroz 22,600 rupees
Tigor 24,900 rupees
Nexon 28,500 rupees
Harrier 28,500 rupees
Safari 28,500 rupees

Tata Motors Ceramic Coating: What Does It Cover?

A ceramic coating service adds a hydrophobic coating to the exterior of the car, which not only provides a bright, attractive appearance, but also serves to provide the car with a higher level of protection against dirt, contaminants, and everyday wear and tear.

Tata's ceramic coating service covers all exterior elements of the vehicle.  Image: Tata Motors

Tata’s ceramic coating service covers all exterior elements of the vehicle. Image: Tata Motors

In response to an inquiry from, Dimple Mehta, Head of Customer Service – National and International Business, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, said: “All exterior parts of the car are covered by this service. Compared to existing conventional treatments, this coating lasts much longer and helps remove debris and dirt; offers protection to the vehicle against pollution, acid rain, solvents, etc. The strong crystalline layer of the coating reduces discoloration caused by UV rays on the vehicle. It offers 360-degree protection to materials inside and outside the car, such as glass, paint, tires / wheels, vinyl plastic and leather. “

Who is in charge of the internal ceramic coating of Tata Motors?

To provide this ceramic coating service, Tata Motors has partnered with renowned auto care specialists such as 3M India, Wurth, Bardhal and Sikand Stanley BG and SK Car Care. The servicemen of these suppliers will perform the ceramic lining “in a suitable bay in the shop,” Mehta added. The service usually lasts a full day.

Interestingly, an independent 3M India retailer quoted a significantly lower charge for the same service, setting the ceramic tile for the Tata Tigor at Rs 20,000 and for the Tata Safari at Rs 25,000. However, keep in mind that fees vary by retailer, with some charging significantly more as well.

Tata Motors Ceramic Coating Grade and Warranty

Ceramic coating for automobiles is normally classified according to the level of hardness of the coating. Tata Motors has not disclosed the degree of coating that will be applied to the vehicles at its dealerships, but Mehta says the company has “approved and introduced the best products available in the Indian automotive market through efficient collaborations with world-class companies.” .

However, potential customers should be aware that Tata Motors does not provide a warranty on the internal ceramic coating. If you had to have a ceramic coating done from an independent retailer, it would almost certainly come with a warranty for a certain duration. Upon inquiry, another 3M India retailer mentioned a one-year warranty, which would be standard with a ceramic tile service.

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