Spotify now has its own hands-free voice assistant

Spotify now has its own hands-free voice assistant

If you’re looking to take over Spotify with your voice without the hassle of Alexa or the Google Assistant, you can now ask the Spotify mobile app to play your favorite songs without lifting a finger.

As First Reported by GSMArena, Spotify has just started implementing a hands-free voice assistant in its Android and iOS apps.

Once enabled, you can simply say the wake word “Hey Spotify” to search for artists, songs, playlists, and podcasts. You can also ask Spotify to pause your tunes, skip tracks, or add a song as a favorite.

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Now you can say “Hey Spotify” to find music, pause your tunes, add favorites, and more.

The new Spotify voice assistant only works when your phone is unlocked and the Spotify app is open, so it doesn’t entirely hands free, but we’ll let it pass.

Native voice search has been an advantage of Spotify Premium for years, but until now, you had to hold down a microphone button to control Spotify with your voice.

About a month ago, news began to leak that Spotify was toying with using “Hey Spotify” as the trigger word for voice commands.

The new “Hey Spotify” feature is enabled and if the feature has been implemented on your phone, you can enable it through a splash screen. Another option is to delve into the Settings screen, tap on Voice Interactions, and activate the “Hey Spotify” option.

On its “Voice on Spotify” terms and conditions page, Spotify says that it will start recording your voice after you say the wake word or tap the microphone icon, and that it will keep listening “until Spotify has processed your question or request. “in other words, the typical voice assistant privacy model.

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