Travel Without Tension With Universal Travel Adapters: Tech News, Techno Feed

Travel Without Tension With Universal Travel Adapters: Tech News, Firstpost


14AM Universal Travel Adapter covers 175 countries with Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, France, Switzerland, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Maldives and many more. It has two USB charging ports. It can be used for personal accessories such as mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, power banks, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, etc. An Australian plug adapter, Japan adapter charger, iPhone adapter, Canadian universal adapters make it an all-in-one international adapter. The universal travel adapter is compact in size and lightweight. It’s stylish, secure, and easy to connect. It is equipped with a child protection safety shutter, power indicator light and surge protector. Has built-in fuse protection; Cut off the power supply when the current exceeds 6.3A.

Detachable charger

Zballad Universal Plastic Adapter is ideal for plugs in over 150 countries with US / EU / UK / AU European plugs such as Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, Rome, France, Spain, Canada, China, Australia, India, Hong Kong, etc. It has built-in safety shutters to protect users from direct contact of live parts in the outlet. It is a detachable charger that includes 5 different input plugs. The adapter has a dual charging port. Has built-in fuse protection; Cut off the power supply when the current exceeds 6A.

For small appliances

The TEC TAVAKKAL Universal Travel Adapter comes with 4 international plug adapters. Covers more than 150 countries with US / EU / UK / AU plugs, but this adapter cannot be used in South Africa, India, Switzerland and Italy. It is an all-in-one adapter with fuse protection, built-in security shutters, LED power indicator. It has two USB ports. The adapter is ideal for tabs, all smartphones, 5V tablets, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, etc. The adapter only applies to the use of small household appliances when traveling, such as mobile phones, digital products, computers with low power of small household appliances. .

Multiport adapter

The Orei adapter allows you to connect up to 3 devices at once with two electrical devices and one USB device all at once. It contains surge protection with a smart LED input voltage indicator. Accepts plugs from all countries (except Type M – Large 87mm Africa Plug). The adapter is ideal for cameras, cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, GPS devices, and much more.

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